Apparel Empire Sourcing & Textiles LLC

Apparel Empire is a supply chain management company dealing in various textile products. Having both international and domestic clients allows Apparel Empire to understand various market needs and provide products that are geared towards our client. Keeping the client as the center of our business model, we understand that no two clients are alike. We provide specialized individual support to cater to our client’s needs separately, developing a solid foundation for a long term relationship. We are highly capable of processing orders of high quantity and quality with a rigid schedule. With our experience, we can provide the finest sourcing services allowing the client to feel comfortable.

Our valued expertise and experience in sourcing textile products has helped us grow carefully by understanding and perfecting the supply chain of the textile industry. With continuous advancement and learning, our team of skilled employees continues to excel in sourcing by understanding the changing environment. The key to this model is the ability to adapt to the customer’s desire in the shortest time possible and assure that quality is consistent with the customer’s need.

Apparel Empire Sourcing has a flexible structure and a strong customer focus in its business area. We are ideally placed in world finest textile producing country to offer you the best quality, price, in a timely manner.